Sunday, November 22 at 1:00pm
Downtown Art House
Miami, Florida 33132

Bas Fisher Invitational presents : NIGHTMARE AMERICANA, a WEIRD MIAMI bus tour by TVGOV (Sofia Bastidas, Nicole Doran, Peter Fend, Guillermo Gomez, Agustina Woodgate).

The story of the American Dream Miami Mall is the story of how a handful of visionaries (Triple Five Group) took an ordinary idea like a shopping center and turned it into a world-class destination. The mall’s stores, attractions and services combine to form the most comprehensive retail, hospitality and entertainment complex on Earth. As the prototype for mixed-use entertainment facilities, American Dream Miami is a place where people come to shop, play, and stay. Its concept is inspired by the traditional urban bazaars of Persia, where shopping and entertainment were plentiful and operated in tandem, fulfilling a variety of consumer needs all in one place.

TVGOV will host Nightmare Americana, a comprehensive bus tour surveying the retail real estate industry across Miami-Dade County. From proposed malls in Downtown Miami to decaying commercial spaces in Westchester, TVGOV will frame the mall as the ultimate symbol of Anthropocene and a vision of the American Dream.


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