There has not been a definitive survey exhibition of South Florida Art presented since 2001. Organized by independent curator Jane Hart, this expansive show will include an array of works in all media, by a selection of some of the finest artists of South Florida. Sculpture and installation works, painting, photography, mixed media and works on paper, as well as video and performance are included. The breadth of this exhibit will be both inclusive and discerning, with an emphasis on innovation, impact, and inspiration, in ways which are integral to the lush, tropical-urban environment that exemplifies South Florida. There will be a total of over 170 participants, encompassing internationally and nationally known established, mid-career and emerging artists included. A full color, hardcover 220 page book will be released by [NAME] Publications, designed by Misael Soto with texts by Erica Ando and Sandra Schulman.

Special assistance provided by Chris Ingalls and Nina Arias.

Participating Artists
Duane Brant
Jenny Brillhart
Alejandro Contreras
Ivan Depeña
Raphael Domenech
Henning Haupt
Margi Glagovic Nothard
Robert Huff
Carol Jazzar
Bruce Kates
Leïla A. Leder-Kremer
Michael Loveland
Raul Perdomo
Ralph Provisero
Karen Rifas
Onajide Shabaka
Odalis Valdivieso
Marcos Valella

12425 NE 13th Ave #5, North Miami, 33161
For more details please call +1 3057901797