Jenna Efrein’s Verdant Plunderland is an installation representing the indigenous South Florida landscape of marshlands and swamp. Predominant materials are farmed from the waste of local consumption. Ironically, South Florida was considered an uninhabitable wasteland before settlement.

But through efforts of dredging, draining, and genocide South Florida became an attractive vacation, retirement, and rejuvenation location.

Jenna Efrein up-cycles materials to mimic the beauty of the Everglades.

Typically, Efrein’s work falls into the figurative and psychological realm. New to South Florida and a lover of nature, she has found herself investigating her surroundings past and present. Though no human forms can be seen in this installation, the marks of their hands are found everywhere.

JENNA EFREIN grew up in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Miami most recently from Philadelphia. She received her MFA from Alfred University School of Art and Design in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies. As a multimedia artist, she has participated in a variety of group shows predominantly in the northeast. She moved to Miami in 2014 to be a Lecturer in the Art and Art History, Sculpture department. This is her first show in Miami.

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