“Maybe something new only emerges through the failure; the suspension of proper functioning of the existing network of our life.”
-Slavoj Zizek

DE-TOXIFY creates a narrative from the perspective of an object(s) after their perceived usefulness has been exhausted.

This site-specific work by MFA Candidate Sterling Rook explores the urban landscape by using discarded objects sourced from trash piles in the neighborhood surrounding The Bakehouse Art Complex to create large wallpaper/paintings that draw upon the concept of Animacies by scholar Mel Chen: “New materialisms are bringing back the inanimate into the fold of Aristotle’s animating principle, insisting that things generate multiplicities of meanings while they retain their “gritty materiality.”

Curated by Brittni Winkler

All events at the FIU Art + Art History Project Room are free and open to the public. Located upstairs in suite 11U.