This exhibition features a thoughtful selection of work indicative of the ongoing and dynamic evolution of contemporary artist Vickie Pierre’s practice. This exhibition embodies a place of sacred and pure contemplation as she balances both form and feeling into a tangible and recognizable body of work. Her paintings are filled with uniquely ambiguous shapes that offer both comfort and a tingling sense of unease, fused through the serene and impeccable use of color and curving lines. Following the development of her assemblage work, which deftly incorporate specific sourced and found objects, the union of light and darkness are explored within a new language of physicality that retains the comforting thread of familiarity juxtaposed with the sickening thrill of standing on the edge of an abyss.

In this exhibition the viewer is invited to explore intangible thoughts given form, visual memory made real and one’s reflection in the unknown; to realize that this is a fleeting moment, and that it is forever; to let go, and find yourself at home.

Little Haiti Cultural Complex
212 – 260 NE 59 Terrace
Miami, Florida 33137