Lourdes Grobet was born on July 25th, 1940 in Mexico City, Mexico, and is well known for her photographs of Lucha Libre Wrestlers. Grobet spent some time as a painter and when she found the medium was not as valuable as photography at the time, she decided to start a new path.

Grobet wanted her work to contribute to history, so she started on a path bring about social relevance in her photography. Her photography led her to exploring the Lucha Libre, like she had wanted to as a child. She spent a lot of time getting to know the luchadores. Grobet has done some theatre and video, and has published a few works such as: Lourdes Grobet, an autobiography, and Lucha Libre: Masked Superstars of Mexican Wrestling, Lourdes Grobet: Lucha Libre (2005), Espectacular de Lucha Libre (2008), Lucha libre mexicana (2008). Grobet has had quite a lot of exhibitions, and has received grants and awards for her work. – Wikapedia

FU Gallery’s focus is to bring a different, more inclusive art experience to the hood. Also named
“Galeria de Barrio” (Gallery from the Hood) precisely because they aim to bring to Miami and to the Little Haiti community the best local and Latin-American artists. They call Little Haiti their home
and are invested in giving back cultural experiences to the hood.

Many have insinuated that Little Haiti is the up-and-coming art district in Miami, similar to what Wynwood has become today. However, those that work and live there are focusing on enriching and strengthening the community and promoting the arts while honoring it’s unique local feel, something that FU Gallery is embracing.

FU Gallery
8373 NE 2nd Ave
Little Haiti Miami, FL 33138