Yále Club Social is proud to present The Inside of the Outside, a new body of work by Carol Jazzar.

Carol started making collages a few years ago as a mean to explore her inner self and subconscious. The few pieces in the show are the result of a recent major inner opening.

Made almost entirely with Artforum magazines, “the bible of contemporary art” * according to writer Sarah Thornton, these cut outs are for the most part pictures of works belonging to other artists which have been shown or are about to be exhibited in galleries and institutions all over the world.

Through the use of these images, Jazzar is appropriating other people’s works and ideas, ‘fishing’ into the collective consciousness and reinterpreting them into new context and perspective as a way to re-write “her own bible”.

Carol Jazzar acquired and renovated a 2 car garage in 2001, converting this space into a burgeoning center of creative expression. For 13 years this space was hugely popular and hosted numerous stand out shows by the likes of Robert Huff, Jen Stark and the infamous Boyz of Bazel.

Yále Club Social is a members only social club located in Little River.
147 NW 71st St, Miami, FL 33150