131 Projects presents: “From Eden to Sahara”. This group exhibition takes its name from a book authored in 1920’s Florida by John Kunkel Small. It was mostly written during his many botanical research expeditions that Charles Deering and David Fairchild assisted with. During these adventures, Small, explored and photographed thousands of miles of Florida’s natural habitat.

The book documents the early and severe degradation of Florida’s natural environment, plant life and Native American village sites.

The works chosen for this exhibition, created by a local yet eclectic group of artists, reflect and modernize the themes explored in John Kunkel Small’s book. These pieces, in their own way, use nature as subject matter, material or process. Whether it s gravity or depictions of mangroves each piece in this show has being selected for it’s use of natural elements.

Nicole Salcedo, Luke Chiswell, Gary Fonseca, Sarah Mk Moody, HOXXOH, AholSniffsGlue, Juan Griego, Nice’n Easy, Anthony Anaya, Chris Oh, Robert Chambers, Bella’s Aquatic Gardens, Filio Galvez, Jose Felix Perez, Oliver Sanchez, Huffer Collective, Derek Hunter, Diego Guzmán, Monica Leslie Travis, Noah Levy, Elysa D. Batista, Ernesto Kunde, and Keith Holamon

131 Projects
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