“In addition, Katherine Dreier transformed four smaller exhibitions rooms into model apartments made up of a library, a living room, a bedroom and a dining room. This model apartment served Katherine Dreier first as a didactic instrument, which was intended to to show visitors how modern art could be integrated in an average household”.
– Fuchs, Ruday et al. (2000), Kurt Schwitters I is Style, Rotterdam, NAI Publishers.

Everyone likes to collect something.

The evolution and development of the living space is defined by the individual’s interaction in the social context. The accumulation of objects states someone’s trajectory and it can be understood as a material diary. The display of objects, artifacts and the staging of the domestic space defines owner-space interaction, and the visitor’s perception. Simulation is a fundamental part of our interaction in the social environment, the idea of portraying a different image of reality is embedded in the material culture, to the extent of where the simulation surpass the facade and becomes the real condition.

The exhibition explores simulation as a frame to investigate the relationship between the history of the neighborhood, the building and the physical characteristics of the space. It utilizes the domestic space as platform to articulate dialogs about collecting, displaying, appearance, popular, and material culture.

Curated by Rafael Domenech

Magdiel Aspillaga
Carlos Caballero
Eileen Cowin
Ernesto García
Jose Iraola
Amanda Keeley (Exiled Books)
Linda Lopez
Otari Oliva
Allegra Pacheco
Ernesto Oroza
Noam Rappaport
Richard Wentworth

The exhibition will run from September 18th to October 30th. Opening reception is on September 18th, 4-6 p.m. Under the Bridge Art Space is located on 12425 NE 13th Ave (ground floor #4) North Miami FL 33161.