Invited the 70 Years Tiroler Kuenstler*schaft for 70. Birthday party. Approx. 25 members the beschickten aformidable position on this occasion with older or new works. The Ausstellungskuratorinnen were Georgia Wood and Barbara Mahlknecht to see are the posts in all three ausstellungräumen of the club. A hiking performance and art expedition of Maria Peters Association of the various places on the opening night: New Gallery in the hofburg Imperial Palace, Art Pavilion, the hofgarten and künstlerhaus rifles hausen. It opened the landesrätin dr. Beate Palfrader and culture committee prof. Dr. Patrizia Moser.

The Tyrolean artists *schaft was founded in 1946 as part of the professional artists and had founded at the beginning of the “Nature of an economic necessity”. offered a membership by existence, Inter Alia, the reference of lebensmittelkarten enabled.

The themed Michaela Niederkircher & Christine P. Pran Tauer through the new edition in the form of new “about lebensmittelkarten”, which is also right on the spot and was able to cut. In addition to this installation are the two pictures of Anja Herb Gasser to see: she drew the membership card of your grandfather’s Franz Herb Gasser (no. 65, 1946) and your own. She is 2006 and designed also joined the current exhibition graphically. These two posts of the historic bow of the erection of the association to the artist’s today one in Tirol.