• a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun.
• a pair of connected or corresponding things.

Drawing from Jungian psychology, SYZYGY unites 10 Miami-based Hispanic women artists whose work explores themes of identity, sexuality, power and spirituality. Each piece articulates a confrontation or engagement with the anima, animus and collective unconscious.

Curated by Tiffany Madera


Barbara Bollini Roca, Nereida Garcia Ferraz, Griselle Gaudnik, Laura Luna, Charo Oquet, Natasha Perdomo B, Sandra Ramos Lorenzo, Beatriz Ricco, Alessandra Santos, Nina Surel


Syzygy is part of the City of North Miami’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations. Satellite exhibitions can be viewed at the North Miami Public Library and The City of North Miami City Hall, 2nd Floor.

The Ware Foundation
Punch Miami
The City of North Miami

Museum of Contemporary ArtNorth Miami

Joan Lehman Building
770 NE 125th Street
North Miami, Florida 33161