Judy Cotton at IRL

written by David Rohn

Check out these scull pantings by Judy Cotton at I R L Institute in Little River.
Really straightforward and visceral in an inevitable and personal way, maybe thinking has just become tooooooo tiresome and it’s time to just FEEEEEL something!

Death, irony, play…death…yuk-yuk. I dunno; I just feel ya.

These small canvasses seem focused on terminability in a way that co-opts ‘contemporary’, and flat-lines history. Normally paintings of creepy sculls wouldn’t t interest (this observer) at the moment, if only because their not-so-long-ago disappearance as a fashion reference has finally worn out. These are so irresistibly vital; as if there were hundreds the artist was compelled to create over some period, and that we re only seeing a distilled selection of the best ones; or maybe gleeful decay, emblems of a weird sardonic endgame, strikes the right chord now.

Back in the ’80’s, David Byrne sang ‘Stop making sense’ … is that it?

If you get a chance they’re at IRL Institute along with some other shards of her work over a few other periods…

-there s also a Gallery Talk with the Artist and Lowery Sims on Saturday Feb 4 at 1pm 8395 NE Second Avenue Miami 33138