Yo soy la mala: Drag en el exilio

The Nightclub is proud to announce ​Yo soy la mala, ​its​ nineteenth event involving a network of artists​ and ​producers. Its aim is to create dialogue within a diversity of art practice through curated exhibitions showcased in a one-night venue.

Yo soy la mala: Drag en el exilio — a drag extravaganza

Curators: Fredo Rivera and Angela Valella

Friday, March 31, 2017 7-11 pm

Address: CCEMiami, 1490 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Host | Isis Miller

DJ and Video Artist I DJ Mayombe
Photographer | RADskillZ Photography

Performers: Ann Atomic | Ded Cooter | Hairy Bradshaw + Lauren Palma | Juleisy Inbed | Jupiter Velvet I Lolita Cabrón | KUNST | Miss Toto | Persephone Von Lips | Queef Latina | + more.

The Nightclub presents Yo Soy la Mala: Drag en el exilio, a series of curated performances, panels, and workshops exploring the intersection of drag, politics, and identity in the context of contemporary Miami.

Eleven one of the city’s foremost genderqueer and drag artists will activate CCEMiami’s main gallery with a drag show extravaganza highlighting Miami’s unique tradition of queer excess and tropicalia. The show will be followed by a dance party and DJ set in celebration of the memory and legacy of La Lupe, the legendary singer and Caribbean queer icon whose lyrics inspired the title of the series.

Tips and donations from the event will go to YES Institute and Americans for Immigrant Justice, Miami’s premier LGBT and immigrant rights advocacy non-profit organizations.

Saturday, April 1, 2017 1-4:30 pm
Address: CCEMiami, 1490 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132


Gentrify My Love: queerness and high rises
Fredo Rivera—Curator and Assistant Professor of Art History, Grinnell College

Dragging Down Hegemony: Politics of Gender Expression and Sexuality in Contemporary Managua
John Petrus—Assistant Professor of Spanish, Grinnell College

The Case for An/Other Cuba: Utopian Longings of Radical Drag Performance and Queer Transnationality in an Episode of Telemundo’s Caso Cerrado
J.V. Portela—Writer, Translator and Program Director of Reading Queer, FIU

Discussant: Ariana Hernández-Reguant—Research Assistant Professor, Tulane University


A Voguing Workshop
Jason Rodriguez—House of Ninja

The Nightclub is a collaborative art endeavor that initiates and supports a critical exchange of ideas in art and cultural practice and the active development of artists, in-situ exhibitions, and talks. Special thanks to Reading Queer