works by Kerry Ware at Bridge Red Studios

“For the past few years I have been not only walking my dogs in Baywood Park but also documenting the images and sounds. It has been hard to ignore the patterns of bird behavior over the two islands in Biscayne Bay. Early in the morning during the winter months the sound of the birds on the islands can be overwhelming. They fly just above the water, moving back and forth, eventually creating circular patterns above the islands almost like a cone. With my kayak trips I have been able to get closer.

This show as well as previous work is mostly inspired by these trips; the light, the color, the sounds and the images become an endless source of material. I am mostly a painter but have been drawn towards sound and video as well. My last show at FlowerBox Projects, run by David Marsh, had me drilling a couple thousand holes in the wall to mimic murmuration (a flock of starlings) patterns.

I am not an ecologist, ornithologist or activist. I am only moved by the sensorial experience.”
– Kerry Ware

Bridge Red Studios/Project Space

12425 NE 13th Ave, North Miami, Florida 33161

Located just east of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Bridge Red Studios is an artists’ complex in North Miami. Bridge Red consists of 10 working artist studios and an exhibition / project space that is run by sculptor and painter Robert Thiele, his daughter, painter Kristen Thiele, and his son-in-law, photographer and graphic designer Francesco Casale. Recently, Bridge Red Studios/Project Space was the recipient of a Knight Challenge Grant to further the mission to exhibit, document, and expose the art work of strong and developed artists who do not get the exposure their work merits. Works shown include paintings, drawings, photography, collage, installation, clay art, sound, video, sculpture, and performance.