Spinello Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring the works of Clara Varas. In Interior/Exterior, Varas presents a body of work that exists and plays in a space between abstraction and representation, between painting and sculpture.

Interior/Exterior references both the self as well as physical space regarding the concept of home and the exploration of dwindling natural habitats. Landscapes in turmoil, strewn tropical foliage, remnants of dwellings and structure- there is a sense we are left with what comes after the tempest. Varas’ richly layered compositions tend to both resolve and dissolve. The painterly marks lend themselves to impressions of flora and fauna, or sometimes suggestions of interiors- which Varas emphasizes by the placement of certain household objects conjuring up our visual memory as though to say; something once stood here, and this is what was left behind. Essential to her practice is paint, and its physical properties. To Varas, a painting’s support structure is just as important as its composition, materiality just as important as subject matter.

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