Truth and Reconciliation, is an exhibition presented by the Little Haiti Cultural Center Gallery and Future Roots Collective. This exhibition, curated by Marie Vickles, Curator-in-Residence, explores the topics of justice, memory, reparation, and recognition of our collective and individual histories. Featuring artists from South Florida, this seventh iteration of the Local Artist Series will showcase work that explores the creative and cathartic methods of truth seeking and reconciliation as expressed in the work by contemporary artists working across a variety of artistic mediums. Curated works will provide varied perspectives into how both individuals and society address, repair, and make peace with the past in order to fully embrace and create a new and sustainable future.

Featured Artists
Amanda Bradley, Antonio Coro, Chastity Pascoe, Chire Regans, Corinne Stevie, Elsie Remy,Emil Bodourov, Emilio Martinez, Gianna Riccardi, Hattie Mae Williams, Hoxxoh, John English, Khaulah Naima Nuruddin, Laura Prada, Maria Theresa Barbist, Mutual Assured Inspiration, Natalya Kochek, Octavia Yearwood, Oliver Sanchez, Robert Mcknight, Rudolf Kohn, Tony Khawam, Vered Pasternak, Yves Gabriel

Little Haiti Cultural Complex
212 NE 59th Terrace
Miami, Florida 33137