Bridge Red Studios/Project Space is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition SIXTH, curated by Jane Hart. This exhibit includes works by Brandon Ballengée, Coral Morphologic, Gina Cunningham, Morel Doucet, Jesse Etelson, Jason Hedges, Jenny Larsson, Lucinda Linderman, Gustavo Oviedo, Christina Pettersson, Aviva Rahmani, Sarah Michelle Rupert and Stephan Tugrul.

In the wake of an exceptionally active, and devastatingly destructive hurricane season, we in South Florida, Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean, Texas, Louisiana, and far regions of the globe including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh were affected by these increasingly violent storms, which have changed countries and communities forever. While not necessarily linked to the undeniable occurrence of Climate Change, these storms and other extreme natural phenomena give rise to the understanding that our planet now faces serious challenges as a result of mankind’s abuses. We’ve seen over the decades (but certainly accelerated since the Industrial Revolution), increases in overpopulation, pollution, mass waste production, deforestation, overfishing, widespread poaching and destruction of habitats for our cohabitants of the Earth, creatures large and small, whose existence is woven into the fabric of life on our planet. We are now entering a phase proposed as the Anthropocene Epoch when we shall likely witness a sixth mass extinction of species around the world.

The artists included in this exhibit each address various aspects of these developments and how they will influence our lives now and for coming generations. A variety of media ranging from video, film, sculpture, drawing, collage and more. An exhibition dedicated to this subject could undoubtedly be curated on a much grander scale, but here presents an intimate and compelling glimpse into how artists are increasingly exploring issues of critical environmentalism as the most urgent topic of our times.

Bridge Red Studios
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