“I can only be me. Lips hold lies and truth. Hips are known for transportation to and fro. Revolution is change in nothing that will take away from being me! I can never paint in the shadows of colored alleys with faceless clowns claiming to be what i am. I am a father but a student of the brush. I am a brother but a true friend to the community without words.

I am the Revolution but a storm in all hues of color-codes forgotten by the institutions of so-called higher learning. I am the vision you speak in silence to yourself. I am the keeper of my dreams I live in today – scorned by yesterday. I am a man who is reborn not of the flesh but of the spirit in God. I am… Black me.” – Addonis Parker

The gallery seeks to provide quality exhibitions that are visually interesting, culturally enriching and intellectually provocative. It is equipped with track lights and hanging track, standing pedestals and portable walls.

The Amadlozi Gallery
6161 NW 22nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33142