Curiosity-drive theory relates to the undesirable experiences of “uncertainty”. The reduction of these unpleasant feelings, in turn, is rewarding. This theory suggests that people desire coherence and understanding in their thought processes. When this coherence is disrupted by something that is unfamiliar, uncertain, or ambiguous, it is curiosity-drive that attempts to gather information and knowledge of the unfamiliar to restore coherent thought processes. Through this theory, the general concept dictates that curiosity is developed strictly out of the desire to make sense of unfamiliar aspects of one’s environment through interaction of exploratory behaviors. Once understanding of the unfamiliar has been achieved and coherence has been restored, these behaviors and desires will subside. – Wikipedia

Allen Joseph, Anell Gomez, Anne Woungly Massaga, Juliana Barrius, Kim Moore, Laurel Baker, Lisandra Valdes, Maricel Ruiz, Salene Watson, and Sonia Gonzalez-Park

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