Pensive features drawings by Doug Crocco, paintings by Heesu Jeon and Manny Prieres and furniture and design objects by Jonathan Nesci. While these four individuals come from differing paradigms their curious methodological byways and high regard for aesthetic cohesion present a generous opportunity to lose yourself in their work.

Doug Crocco delicately renders physical yet labyrinthine abstractions in color pencil. Heesu Jeon scumbles glowing compositions on canvas depicting collages of detritus, anime pastiches and constructivism. Jonathan Nesci fabricates stark minimal furniture and objects, binding form and function usually with a single material. Manny Prieres hard edge abstractions resemble printed matter but are painstakingly constructed through a hands on tone transfer process.

Tile Blush is a new gallery specializing in Contemporary Art and Design. Established in 2017, as a new concept reimagined from the remnants of Noguchi Breton, formerly VersaceVersaceVersace and GucciVuitton.

Tile Blush
8375 N.E. 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33138