“The outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different. I chose to name this collection Semblance because each piece offers an assumed perception of reality. One can look at the work and interpret their own meaning depending on how it identifies with the viewer. Each painting is accompanied with a short definition and story to bring people closer to the true significance behind the series. When creating artwork, I integrate raw emotions and experiences from my personal life. Always striving to keep my paintings honest by producing genuinely from the heart. Behind every carefully placed brush stroke, transition of color, and embellished figure, underlies a hidden message. I encourage viewers to look beyond the surface of the canvass to uncover stories that are relevant and identifiable to our society. This show is an experience in which I hope the viewer feels and can connect to each piece beyond the visual– beyond its Semblance.” – Stina Aleah

6300 NE 4th ave
Miami, Fl 33137