“This exhibit focuses on contemporary visual artists whose work includes a rigor that meditates in the realm of temporal mechanics. Artist Leslie Hewitt investigates the riffs of real time through photography still-life.

Lou Anne Colodny produces visual drawings with linear and non-linear narratives with multiple entry points. Interdisciplinary Artists, Kevin Arrow’s own visual prose extends into analog technology as a form of sculpting time and bending it through multiple prisms. Sculptor Yanira Collado transforms vernacular ephemera into meditative moments or equations with numerous results. Robert Pruitt’s charcoal renderings challenge the concept of fantasy and reality where all is proven to simply be! Artist Onajide Shabaka’s existential drawings bring us back and forth, connecting places and spaces between geography and ritual as a form of exploring those necessary components of our existence. Installation artist Nyame Brown on the other hand dives into watercolor illustration narratives of futurist beings and places while constantly designing our eventual yesterday.

Aramis O’ Reilly’s intimate cluster of stream of conscious drawing and painting chronicles the rhythm of the artist own geometric transceiver.

Sculptor Robert McKnight shapes and erects fragile totems, antennas, signals for tomorrow’s yesterday.

Artists Glexis Novoa creates a portal, a lens, a rotating space that is both alluring and cautionary… a theme of our times. N. Masani Landfair likewise cites what has been, ritual and evidence as a too for collective transcendence. Painter Kristen Thiele pauses to draw from early Sci=Fi Cinema and consider the essence of our constructed landscape, it’s titillative politics, taboo and codes of liberation. Conceptual artist Nyeema Morgan likewise references Sci-Fi cinema to arrange text based visual that form a dystopia/ utopia. Suggesting that the viewer find their own mythos. Poet and photographer, Warren Bailey’s hermetic visual prose reference historical moments that speak to both our infancy and adulthood as a way of regaining perspectives that we may have forgotten or lost. Alesis Sanfield’s own photo’s capture the process of obsolescence and at the same time create eternal moments for others to contemplate. Sculptor, Robert Huff’s works on paper describe the dialectic struggle between fascism and what philosopher Micheal Foucault described as a heterotopia.” – William Cordova, curator

Under the Bridge Art Space
12425 NE 13th Ave (ground floor)
North Miami, Florida 33161