“In our film visits to faraway lands, we have found that every PEOPLE has a wealth of ancient lore – and every PLACE a treasure of rich tradition. Each land is steeped in the memory of historic times that shaped the lives of its people.

Today, modern ways have reached into nearly every corner of the globe. Yet in many lands, old and colorful customs continue, unchanged by time, undisturbed by the march of progress. We have sought out these few remaining places where the old ways are carefully preserved by people who cherish ancestral cultures and ancient legacies.

However, it seems that the laws of progress dictate that, in all things, the old must steadily give way to the new. Our ‘People and Places’ pictures are living records of some of the unique customs and old cultures that still endure in remote and isolated corners of the globe.

As the past slips slowly but certainly into the future, these traditions of yesterday may soon be lost forever in all the tomorrows yet to come. Our purpose has been to capture and preserve these stories before they become only dim memories.

In primitive times, man lived in fear of the tribe in the valley just across the mountains. Yet when adventure and exploration brought such peoples together, they found common bond – common problems – basic human problems of hopes, aspirations and ambitions.

Most of the world’s people will never travel to strange and faraway lands, but we hope that through our pictures, and through the pages of this book, a contribution may be made toward strengthening the bonds of good will and understanding by which all men can exist together in peace.” – foreword credited to Walt Disney

Participating Artists
Alex Del Canto (MFA), Allison Rapport (MFA), Devora Perez (MFA), Jose L. Garcia (MFA), Kim Moore, Matthew Aguirre, Paul Perdomo (MFA), Samantha Lazarus (MFA), Selene Watson, and Stephanie Hubbard (MFA).

Exhibition Coordinator: Devora Perez (MFA)

W10 Gallery
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33199