Forged Path: Culture, History, and Freedom explores how contemporary Haitian artists continue to forge new paths in their work, as they contribute to the narrative of a people rich in brilliance, ingenuity and fortitude. Art, culture, and history are forever intertwined.

Freedom is the visual language of the featured artists in this exhibition. Freedom is the ability of dream and create. These artists speak the language of freedom with brush strokes, paint, experimental techniques, photography and the weaving of words. Encapsulated in each work of art is a unique vision that tells a story of both personal and collective freedom inspires by a shared experience of culture and history. This exhibition celebrates the freedom inspired by a shared experience of culture and history. This exhibition celebrates the freedom fighters of Haiti who created the first Black republic in the world, and forever marked their place in history as the first country in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery. Haiti forged a new path and made freedom a reality for Black people during a time when black and brown bodies were treated as mere objects of commerce. In Haiti the descendants of Africa rejected the atrocities of slavery and demanded the return of humanity – inspiring their brothers and sisters across the Caribbean and the United States to do the same. A place to call home and country was made on the island of Ayti – as it was known to the Taino people. In the making of this new home, creativity and strength prevailed, and the humanity of a people was restored. In more recent history, as Haitians began to migrate en masse to the United States during the 1970’s, the process of making a new home and country began once again. The culture and history of Haiti was remembered and re-created whenever Haitians settled, creating a home away from home, shaped by a new generation. This new vision of freedom was realized here in Little Haiti, Miami, and a community was built with the same spirit and resilience of 1804.

Welcome to Little Haiti.

A Tribute to Daleus: We dedicate this exhibition to the life and memory of Joseph Wilfrid Daleus, an artists who forged his own path and stayed true to the vision of his art. This exhibition celebrates the legacy and talent of Daleus featured a special selection of his work that span a variety of media including painting, sculpture, and a commissioned outdoor installation at Little Haiti Cultural Complex.

Curated by Marie Vickles

Featured Artists
Stephen Arboite – Woosler Delisfort – Joseph Wilfrid Daleus
Michelle Lisa Polissaint – Corinne Stevie – Rachelle Salnave
Extra Virgin Press: Edwidge Danticat and Laura Tan

Work by Joseph Wilfrid Daleus on loan from the collections of
Frantz Oliver
Irmice and Richard Sherman

Little Haiti Cultural Complex Gallery
212-260 N.E. 59th Terrace
Miami, FL 33127