The Bakehouse Art Complex is pleased to present BLUEPRINT, a group exhibition featuring works by Maria Theresa Barbist, Amanda Bradley, Gabriela Garcia, Nathan Harris, Sarah Henderson, and Gianna Riccardi.

The works displayed in the Audrey Love Gallery re-imagine the photograph as a blueprint for sculptural intervention rather than a finite imprint of the past. The artists featured in the exhibition question what occurs when the traditionally flat photographic plane is fused with sculptureā€™s three dimensions, lending materiality to a medium that has become increasingly immaterial. Presenting sculptures that masquerade as photographs, photographs with sculptural appendages, and work with equal footing in both mediums, the artists take varied approaches to hybridization, and each to their own ends. Blueprint surveys recent 3 dimensional work in photography from six Bakehouse artists in residence.

Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd St
Miami, Florida 33127