With campuses in Jersey City, Chicago, and Miami, the mission of Mana Contemporary is to offer a creative community that continues to develop and evolve with each city specifically. Mana Contemporary is an arts center dedicated to fostering artist communities and public engagement with the arts by hosting artist studios, residency programs exhibitions, performances, concerts, educational programming, among much more. Serving as a hub for artists, creative organizations, and arts education, the identity of each Mana Contemporary campus is a product of those who inhabit and engage with the space.

Based in the historic 777 International Mall in Downtown Miami, Mana Contemporary Miami is a growing arts center that unites artist studios, exhibition spaces, and programming to facilitate conversation and collaboration among its creative community.

Established in 2017, Mana Contemporary Miami is primarily focused on connecting with Miami-based artists and organizations, with the idea of further creating new avenues for conversation and opportunities, ultimately serving as an ongoing platform to engage Miami arts and culture in dynamic and sustainable ways. Housing visiting artist residencies, Miami-based artist studios, and innovative creative organizations—like Dale Zine, Borscht Corp, and O, Miami—Mana Contemporary Miami is a rapidly developing space for the Miami community, with plans to expand to neighboring spaces across Downtown Miami.

Mana Contemporary Miami is an extension of Mana’s presence in the City, which began about five years ago with the development of Mana Wynwood and its annual arts program for Miami Art Week. The inception of Mana Contemporary Miami allows Mana to hold a permanent presence in Downtown Miami, which is dedicated to serving the greater Miami community through Mana’s mission to foster greater engagement with the arts and evolve with the needs of both artists and the public.

Inside MANA
Bas Fisher Invitational, Bookleggers Library, Borscht Corp, Dale Zine Shop, LIZBO Arts and Culture Center (and Spa), O, Miami, and VIDIUM

Moishe Mana (born 1956/57) is a billionaire businessman, serial entrepreneur, and successful real estate developer. Originally from Israel, Mana emigrated to the United States in 1983, where he founded his first business, Moishe’s Moving Systems. He translated that companies’ success into numerous businesses, including GRM Document Management, the country’s third largest document storage business, Milk Studios, a media and entertainment conglomerate, and MANA Contemporary, a contemporary art space.

Mana is currently involved in efforts to develop real estate ventures in Miami and Jersey City that diversify those cities’ economies and address their needs for affordable housing and high paying jobs.

Mana Contemporary Miami
145 E Flagler St
Miami, Florida 33131