To coincide with recent feminist uproar we see femininity and feminism are reshaping themselves through the gaze of society, consumerism, and marketing. Nevertheless we are still constantly faced with mutilation, alienation and rejection in relation to our own bodies, which brings many different reading on how women perceive themselves. Throughout history women have had a complex relationship with their bodies and the notion of self that keeps on mutating into different realms.

For Still Lives Amalia Caputo, Bernadette Despujols, and Tamara Despujols suggest a selection of works that would be connecting though different strategies, ideas of how we distance, merge or reject our SELF from our BEING. The fact that mostly we finding our body a self that does not seem to match what we imagine it should be or vice-versa. We will preset works that on the one side speak about the notions of hedonism adoration and alienation as well as transformation and negation on the other.

Bakehouse Art Complex
Swenson Gallery
561 NW 32nd St
Miami, Florida 33127