text by Melikah Jazz

When it comes down to gentrification in the neighborhood, I have noticed that in the Black neighborhood, such as Overtown, there are sold out Blacks with high leveled positions that are in it for the game. They are COONS.

As the neighborhoods get gentrified & taken over by the GLOBALISTS, everyone that sells out are of the same clan. For instance, in Little Havana, the Cuban-American Developer, such as Bill Fullner, sells out to become part of the GLOBALISTS, & DEGRADES the patrimony of the Cubans that made Little Havana grow to what it was yesterday. Yes, what it was, because these sell out Souls have changed Little Havana to become a haven for the RICH.

In what used to be Little Haiti, now known as Magic (MAGIK) City, the Black Haitian, such as Sandy Dainavil is a sell out to her people. What position does she hold? One that she feels is benefitting her as she feels that she is in the upscale of the system.

When it comes down to the politicians, the Cuban politician, the Black politician, & the white politician they are TOGETHER. Just sit as an observant citizen in City Hall, & you will see it with your own eyes.

I have spoken of Overtown, & Little Havana, as examples of classicism, but one can take a walk to Coconut Grove, & that is DEVASTATING what the GLOBALISTS are doing there. They have gone as far as DISRESPECTING the historical building of W.R. Stirrup, in the process of turning it into a BED & BREAKFAST HOME. As well, they have taken over the endangered theater The Coconut Grove Playhouse. As Charles Avenue is desolate, for the City is making certain to outs the Black Bahamian from their livelihood, the Black sell out will have access to that bed & breakfast home. Like the owner of the Art gallery KROMA, a man considered amongst the Coconut Grove residents as a SELL OUT.

Downtown, Miami is another example of CLASSICISM. The CBD are sell out to the system, placing the OLYMPIA THEATER in danger of DEMOLISHING. The Developer of The Related Group, JORGE PEREZ, is waiting to take a bite out of the building to convert it into a huge HIGH RISE taking the whole block DISRESPECTING THE DESIRES OF MR. GUSMAN, WHERE HE SPECIFICALLY SAID THAT NEVER SHOULD THE BUILDING BE TORNED DOWN. Macy’s, a historical building, was bought by a New York realtor who also have taken over historical buildings in Miami Beach. Downtown, Miami is being converted into a central part of the city not far from where the WORLD BANKERS reside, Brickell Avenue. Another haven for the RICH.

So, what is it? Is it racism, or is it classicism? I say CLASSICISM. Why?

Because this is not 1960’s where there was a seperation of ‘colored folks’ verses the ‘white folks’. This is 2018, the age of technology, where everyone is together in the game. In each neighborhood you will be allowed to eat, drink, & mingle together just as long as you have the monetary means in your pocket book. If you are Black, & you are of a high status, you can go to Little Havana & eat in an OVERLY EXPENSIVE Cuban restaurant, which a Cuban working two to three jobs will not be able to do. If you are a Cuban with reeling ca$h in your pocket book, you will be able to go to Overtown, & enjoy an OVERLY PRICED theaterical performance. By then, ALL THE UNDER POVERISHED BLACKS WILL BE LIVING IN GEORGIA, OR ELSEWHERE FAR AWAY FROM MIAMI.

Melikah Jazz is a Professional Vocalist/Actress at Musician living in Miami.