80’s Graffiti Snapshots by David Rohn

Directed and Produced by Oliver Sanchez at Swampspace on the occasion of the Valley of Tears Exhibition for MDPL System- Copyright 2018

This short film is dedicated to the young writers who risked life and limb to raise awareness of their indelible spirit amidst the ravages systemic neglect and poverty. They gave voice to ethnicity and celebrated a tradition of cultural distinction with graphic stylistic defiance. Color and shape took form transforming institutional canvases of industry and property into undeniably social relevance. The writers were joined by poets, dancers, musicologists and a swell of grateful supporters who echoed their heartfelt song of global solidarity. In unison, they professed allegiance to what we know today as Hip-Hop culture, a distinct American phenomena that has touched innumerable minds and reached every forgotten corner of the world.

This Train is Bound for Glory

A special thanks to my Swamspspace 2018 interns from DASH, Mary Lindstrom, Chloe Aristides for their computer savvy.

Brotherly gratitude for David Rohn, whose steadfast artistic practice is not without consequence of defiance of the status quo.

Acknowledgement of my patrons:
Miami-Dade Public Library System – Visual Arts Program – Oscar Fuentes
Miami Design District – Craig Robins

Odyssey – Native New Yorker
Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
Grand Master Flash – The Message
Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love, Wordy Rappinghood
Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock
Grandmaster Flash – Wildstyle
Kurtis Blow – The Breaks
K Bob and Ramellzee – Beat Bop
Slick Rick – Hey Young World
Fab 5 Freddy – Change the Beat
IRT – Watch the Closing Doors

“Style Wars”
“Watching My Name Go By”

John Matos/CRASH