28°04’44″N 80°42’22″W functions as a study of the topography of i-95 as a uniquity of Florida’s macro-architecture.

Symbolically these spaces represent the unpopulated pockets of space that Thomas and his contemporaries commandeered as teenagers to seek the autonomy traditionally unavailable to minors. The spaces are activated through the inclusion of narrative elements pulled directly from Thomas’s personal history, highlighting the absurdities of his Floridian upbringing.


Thomas Bils was born on 1993 in Melbourne, Florida. In 2012 he moved to Miami to study painting at New World School of The Arts. Having graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Thomas continues to live and work in Miami.

Thomas Bils’s practice focuses on the reflection on his adolescence’s quest to find meaning in the absurdities of his isolated suburban hometown. Through the exploration of atmosphere, narrative and visual semiotics he creates images to replicate complicated emotional suspenses congruent to his experiences growing up in Melbourne – transient between anticipation and melancholy. Having assumed his role as the Unreliable Narrator, each of his works is developed in varied heights of truth and are left for interpretation on where they are placed in the actuality of his history.

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