In the context of the art context, the term speculation reflects a large number of associations. Clearly, the speculative value of a work of art in the art market is related. But you can also understand the process of end-use artwork as speculation. Often alone, sometimes in the collective – in the form of co-operation or grouping – joint experience in speculative processes combines a professional group that acts on a network, exchanges and thus practices solidly these speculations. The Autonomy Begri is linked to the eyes of the learned strategiesff with a speculation in the state of waiting for an event in its total directness. This is in waiting, this intermediate stadiuma constant design, the continuity of development.

The exhibition shows the idea up to the “product”, a re /Construction of reality. There is a memory, a database, an information recordeyed, segments, copies, rewritegathered. Situations of potential mediation for co-productive processes are created. It is about sharing sub-forms of knowledge and experience and understanding them as learning process. In the midst of criticism and art and the artistic as an innovative potential, a productive space of physical encounters is created which relates to the working conditionsand social societalboth economically and economicallyn Nexus focuses on the processes of production and beyond – to create chaos rather than attracting attention rather than intensities embodied in order to achieve something that is created by an effort that seems to be a shimmer on a horizon full of possibilities.

Maria Theresa Barbist, Patrick Baumüller, Wolfgang Capellari, James Clay, Elisabeth Daxer, Renate Egger, Christopher Eymann, Robert Freund, Robert Gfader, Sabine Groschup, Bernhard Gwiggner, Michael Hedwig, Alois Höfer, Stefan Klampfer, Michael Klingler, Matthias Krinzinger, Margareta Langer, Dieter Manhartsberger, Milena Meller, Monika Migl Frühling, Gerald Kurdoğlu Nitsche, Maria Peters, Antonia Petz, Angelica Schapfl, Nora Schöpfer, Charlotte Simon, Christiane Spatt, Turi Werkner, et al

curated by Sofie Mathoi

Rennweg 8a
6020 Innsbruck, Austria