At the onset of Miami Art Week, Emerson Dorsch gallery will become a flexible space designed by architect, Germane Barnes and artist, Karen Rifas, in order to host the second gathering of Paradise Commons, a casually organized group of friends in various points in their careers and lives. Many of the members are women, consisting of artists, writers, a curator, a dancer and a librarian, who think together about paradises.

Art by group members and guests will adorn the walls. Artists participating in this portion of the show, in addition to Barnes and Rifas, include Marcus Blake, Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Elisabeth Condon, Catherine Annie Hollingsworth, Najja Moon, fifty fifty collective (Laurencia Strauss and Lisa Bulawsky), Mette Tommerup and Paula Wilson.

For PARADISE SUMMIT the group’s librarian, Lori Kelly, curated a library with Katherine Behar’s essay “Facing Necrophilia or ‘Botox Ethics'” as a fulcrum. In the text Behar proposes, quite radically, that one should radically embrace object-hood in part because the urge to connect – the one this group is demonstrating – is impeding the existence of self. The group will discuss wide-ranging responses to the text.

Host Tyler Emerson-Dorsch states, “It is not lost on us that this gathering for reading and reflection takes place during a time when far-flung galleries and art institutions converge on Miami as if it is a paradise of perfect weather, mega-collectors and parties. We know that Miami, like all paradises, has other stories to tell. And so here in Little Haiti is a bit of shelter from the rush of it all. This is a space built for reading, presenting, chatting, disagreeing, questioning, and writing.

Let’s be honest, the pressures from outside are not the true impediments to reflection. Our lives are. Most of the members of the group have long since left the academy, and we joined in order to make space for our own intellectual thirst. So this space and time is a little bit of paradise. We invite you to visit.”

In addition to discussions about readings from the PARADISE library, PARADISE SUMMIT MIAMI will feature a program of guest speakers and performers. Stay tuned, via the gallery newsletter, website and facebook for updates.

Emerson Dorsch
5900 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida 33127

Sunday, December 2 … Miami Art Week launch. Area galleries and art spaces will be open from 11am-4pm.

Friday, December 7 … Laurencia Strauss, artist, presents Bubbles during a concert at Emerson Dorsch. Presented by the Rhythm Foundation, the concert will present the South Korean Band SsingSsing. Scroll down to learn more about this incredible band.

Saturday, December 8 … Carl Juste, renowned photographer at The Miami Herald and musician, and Catherine Annie Hollingsworth, artist, acupuncturist, contemporary art and dance critic, and Haitian dancer give a presentation on jazz, music and art.

Wednesday, December 13 … 6 pm: Ladi’Sasha Jones, writer and curator based in New York. She is founding member of the I, Too, Arts Collective, which is working to to transform the historic landmark brownstone of American poet James Mercer Langston Hughes into a residency for Black writers. Ladi’Sasha will present a response to “paradise” along with an overview of her work.

Saturday, January 5, 2019 … 12pm: Felecia Chizuko Carlisle leads a listening session, during which she asks the audience to listen together to a sound piece by avant-garde artist, composer and musician Laurie Anderson.

… 12:30pm: Lori Kelly, Kristina Neihouse and Candance Whitaker, who together form Write On Women Writers for women who are incarcerated at Munroe Country Detention Center, will lead a Tarot Card Reading, featuring a custom tarot card deck and guest readers Phil Lique, Catherine Annie Hollingsworth, among others. In conjunction with the Reading, there will also be a writing exercise.

… Elisabeth Condon will paint with ink on rice paper while observing the proceedings, with the idea that Chinese painting embraces impermanence.

Saturday, January 12, 2019 … 12 pm: Elisabeth Condon will lead a painting workshop in which she demonstrates painting with ink on rice paper, using Chinese brushwork techniques.