GODmama: Great Mother of Power is a dedication and examination of the roles of Priestesses in Vodou, Ifá, and other spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora featuring the work of Woosler Delisfort. The exhibition is curated by Marie Vickles.

For the past three years, Woosler Delisfort has been documenting ceremonies of the Yoruba religious traditions. During this time he noticed the various roles that priestess serve throughout the rituals as women commonly participate in the raising of spirits through chant, music, dance and drumming.  

GODmama: Great Mother of Power seeks to counter the long-held negative stereotypes of women in the traditional role of spiritual guide. Referenced in medieval times as a witch, those accused of idol worship and witchcraft, were thought to be condemned to hell. Through research and personal experience Delesfort has come to learn and observe a very different image of women in these spiritual traditions. The women that Delisfort so thoughtfully portrays in his photographs are those images of spiritual leaders, nurturers, and loving, earthly mothers.

In order to fully explore the varied roles and aspects of women in the spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora this exhibition includes the inclusion of lectures and performances by the featured women, alongside scholars and other practitioners of African spirituality. This exhibition aims to provide this work as an introduction to the larger community of these women who hold a range of titles and culturally-defined meanings such as herbal women, diviner, spirit-medium, oracle, healer and wise woman.

Featured spiritual and cultural practitioners, scholars and performers include Mambo Ingrid Llera, Dr. Charlene Dèsir, Mètrès Mando lle, Ifawuyi Esuloju Eyioriwaase, Michelle Grant-Murray, Yanui Abiona, Nancy St. Leger and the NSL Danse Ensemble.

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