After studying woodwork and design in Sweden he escaped the dark winters for the sunny tropical world of Florida where he currently lives and works. In his studio, he focuses on designing and the fabrication of unique modern furniture. He combines the clean, simple lines of Scandinavian sensibility with that of Caribbean warmth and function. His custom woodwork connects the unique desires of his customers with the soul of the design itself.

Rocking Chair Sessions

Maria Theresa Barbist and Elysa D. Batista are both locally based South Florida artists that collaborate as the BABA COLLECTIVE. They originally met at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood, FL during their individual artist residencies in 2016.

The idea of the BABA COLLECTIVE was born when in discussion of the diversity of artists that were found at the BAC, and other institutions in Miami, they realized the lack of archives providing the ability to access interviews of these individuals. Thus RCS: ROCKING CHAIRS SESSIONS was created. A publicly accessible forum where one could find individual recordings describing the professions, media, and life of South Florida based creatives.

Launching their collaborative endeavor in 2017, the BABA COLLECTIVE seeks to amass a window into the lives and process of SoFla based professionals in the arts.