MUCE PRESENTS: Shakti – An Indian Woman’s Journey Of Healing Trauma Through Ancestral Guidance and Spiritual Awakening.

Curated by
Bart Mervil(MUCE 305)

Indian American artist, poet and activist Dita Devi expresses her journey through art of finding solace in culture through deep meditation and trance in the creation of various images of the female archetypes, primarily relating to her Hindu background.

She focuses on the role of Shakti (strength) and how feminine power embodies a phoenix like ability to rise up from adversity with a nurturing and spiritual energy. This collection of paintings and poems expresses a storyline of various roles that the artist has identified in navigating the waters of a patriarchal society while embodying a matriarchal essence.

MUCE Campus
246 Northwest 54th Street
Miami, Florida 33127