Friday, October 18, 2019

Right to Wynwood

Right to Wynwood from Right to Wynwood on Vimeo.

Ten Mindboggling Details About Fairholme Capital’s Planned HQ

Sean McCaughan wrote ten observations for Curbed about the Fairholme Capital HQ that financial giant Bruce Berkowitz is planning for Biscayne Boulevard. The project,...

History of Wynwood Miami

Casey Piket wrote an informative article about Wynwood's heritage: History of Wynwood Miami

Deconstructing and Reconstructing Technology and Identity

Onajide Shabaka wrote and article about the how technology effects identity. Read more here: Miami Art Exchange

Living Under Sick Machines

A compelling conversation between Peter Lamborn Wilson/Hakim Bey and Jarrett Earnest in the Brooklyn Rail about artificial information.

Has Biennial Culture Gentrified the Art World?

Kimberly Bradley wrote an article on Hyperallergic stating that we have all been “biennalized.” Has Biennial Culture Gentrified the Art World?

Ai Weiwei Whoops!

Play Grayson Earle's new game “Ai Weiwei Whoops!" where you can smash all the vases you like. Just accumulating property damage (that you needn’t...

What Does Kara Walker’s Sugary Sphinx Tell Us? | Hyperallergic

Hrag Vartanian wrote a compelling article elaborating the contextual framework of Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety,” aka the “Marvelous Sugar Baby”.

YIKES! Art in Public Places | ArtLurker

The benefit of a comment section on an online publication is that it inspires observational articles such as the one Richard Haden wrote for...

Art in the 1980s: The Forgotten History of PAD/D

Great article by Tiernan Morgan on Hyperallergic about the forgotten history of a group of artists and speculates as to reasons why that is. Link:...