Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Artists Draw Their Studios

Invited by artist and guest curator Michelle Weinberg, more than 50 artists will contribute drawings of their workplaces in a unique project that exposes the diverse ways that artists perceive their own creative work and lives.

What is a workplace like when the conventional definitions of work and play don’t apply? At a moment when art districts are tourist destinations and artworks operate like financial instruments in a booming art market, Artists Draw Their Studios is an opportunity for the public to appreciate the intimate and eccentric relationships artists have with their own workplaces. No guidelines have been given other than that the works be predominantly drawing. Artists at different stages of their careers have been invited to participate. Some drawings are observational, others conceptual representations of a studio. Some studios may be traditional, with easels and paint-spattered rags, others may be virtual, existing only in electronic format. Some artists are always on the move, others in long-term situations tethered to their home lives. Nomadic, co-working, and tele-commuting work styles have up-ended our pictures of work and workspaces across society. A pressurized directive for everyone to be more entrepreneurial has ratcheted up stress and erased boundaries of work and home, public and private. Artists Draw Their Studios will reveal how the ultimate self-directed “workers” inhabit their spaces.

Comments by the artists on their work lives will be incorporated into the exhibition installation, and a reading table in the gallery will share published guides to artists, their careers and their workspaces.

Most of the artists participating live and work in South Florida. Some hail from other regions but have ties to South Florida.

Participating artists:

Harumi Abe, Karla Kantorovich, Ruth Avra, Kandy Lopez, Maria Theresa Barbist, Nancy Lorenz, Elysa Batista, Judy Mannarino, Carol Brown, Laura Marsh, Amalia Caputo, Molly McGreevy, Dimitry Chamy, Michelle A.M. Miller, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Beatriz Monteavaro, Clifton Childree Khaulah, Naima Nuruddin, Jen Clay, Kerry Phillips, Yanira Collado, Judith Robertson, Elisabeth Condon, Lisa Rockford, Julie Davidow, Donna Ruff, Madeline Denaro, Bonnie Rychlak, Christian Duran, Shuli Sade, Ann Egan, Carolina Salazar, Franklin Einspruch, Yolanda Sanchez, Virginia Fifield, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Joana Fischer, Onajide Shabaka, Chris Friday, Karen Snouffer, Nereida Garcia Ferraz, Sara Stites, Brian Gefen, Nina Surel, AdrienneRose Gionta, Carolyn Swiszcz, Francie Bishop Good, Marisabela Telleria, Felice Grodin, Kristen Thiele, Gabriele Gutwirth, Sarah Trigg, Theresa Hackett, Amber Tutwiler, Henning Haupt, Michon Weeks, Jeanne Jaffe, Michelle Weinberg, Regina Jestrow, Jill Weisberg

This exhibition is produced in collaboration with Available Space, supporting artist initiatives.


Sep 14 2019 - Jan 05 2020


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Art and Culture Center/Hollywood
1650 Harrison Street Hollywood, FL 33020