Friday, April 19, 2019

the eros effect

The exhibition title draws upon a term coined by philosopher George Katsiaficas in his book “The Imagination of the New Left: A Global Analysis of 1968.” His stated concept of the “eros effect” is “a means of rescuing the revolutionary value of spontaneity, a way to stimulate a reevaluation of the unconscious and strengthen the will of popular movements to remain steadfast in their revulsion with war, inequality, and domination.”

In the year 1968, a surge in societal and personal awareness brought tremendous creativity as well as tumult, leading to sweeping changes to both cultural and political landscape. This exhibition focuses upon how 50 years on, artists working in all media, are addressing aspects of these issues given our world today. The gallery space will become an activated, evocative environment that serves to be both thought provoking and inspirational.

Artist List

Robert Adanto

Kevin Arrow

Lyle Ashton Harris

Mimi Botscheller

Clifton Childree

Lou Anne Colodny

Louis Constant Duit

William Cordova

Gina Cunningham

Michael Dean

Mark Diamond


The Family Acid

Rosa Naday Garmendia

Aaron Glickman

Charles Hashim

Jeff Hogue

Vincent Johnson

Stephen Lack

Kate Kretz

Anja Marais

Alessandra Mondolfi

Johanne Rahaman

David Rohn

Oliver Sanchez

David Schafer

Stephan Tugrul

Spencer Tunick

Oliver Wasow


Nov 04 2018 - Jan 06 2019


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Bridge Red Studios/Project Space
12425 NE 13th Ave, North Miami, Florida 33161