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Monday, June 26, 2017

Donna Ruff | Rocking Chair Sessions

"What captures my attention as an artist are ordinary things, artifacts of lives lived and time passing: a folded newspaper, a mosaic tile, a frayed textile. I find visual patterns in these artifacts and...
Rocking Chair Sessions – Andres Martinez

Andres Martinez | Rocking Chair Sessions

"I create stories. Each piece is a part of a bigger conversation I'm having with the audience. Paper, wood panels, street signs, found objects, and aluminum sheets are some of my canvases. I choose...
Rocking Chair Sessions - Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson | Rocking Chair Sessions

"Visually, I strive for theatrics. The mix of light, energy, and sensitivity, create my aesthetic soliloquy. In an effort to create dramatically compelling images, (ones that sing, that symbolize my minds script) I photograph that which make me...