Wednesday, August 15, 2018


My Rant And Plea

Morning Hood

My Rant And Plea

text by Christina Pettersson I. It is time to grow up folks. Flipping out over even a picture of a snake or spider or gator is...

Morning Hood

text by Skip Van Cel I live in a really weird neighborhood. We have multi-million dollar homes that are 2-3 blocks from run down hovels....

Outsider, Outsider Artist: Francisco

text by Richard Haden Francisco chose to live in a lot, across the street from me-- On NE 4th Ave above NE 82nd terrace. He...


Bakehouse Summer Exhibition

I See the Spotlight in You

Emerson Dorsch is proud to present I See The Spotlight In You, a group exhibition featuring work in various mediums by Miami-based artists and...

E-State Realisms

As our digital and analog worlds continue to merge, we are only beginning to understand the profound effects this change is having on our...

Still Lives

To coincide with recent feminist uproar we see femininity and feminism are reshaping themselves through the gaze of society, consumerism, and marketing. Nevertheless we...

777 Mall | Mana Contemporary Miami

With campuses in Jersey City, Chicago, and Miami, the mission of Mana Contemporary is to offer a creative community that continues to develop and...